Synergy, You’re still awesome! :-)

What Folti thought...

Recently I found a new e-mail in my mailbox from Synergy project. I quote it as I got (see copy-paste) it. Please consider this request. I did.


You’re still awesome! 🙂

But we still need a little more help if that’s OK!

Hi Laszlo,

I’ve been so busy coding away on Synergy, that I’ve let our project’s finances slip. I just noticed that the donations had dropped last month by 36%, perhaps because of the economy, or people paying for vacations, or something to do with the domain change- I’m really not sure. Sadly this means Jerry and I don’t have enough to pay our office rent this month and we’d really appreciate your support once more.

I’m using my savings to help pay the rent, and have already taken steps to stop the problem happening again in the future- next month we’re moving out of our Regus office and into a smaller, more modest office which we…

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