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How to debug in production

Sometimes we cannot reproduce an issue. So we must log. Getting production log is an art. Continue reading

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But we do – breaking the coding guidelines

A colleague asked me to help him learn java and object-oriented programming. He has solid background in VisualBasic and SQL. This is cool because I don’t need to explain things like the while loop or recursion. We can focus on … Continue reading

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Practical introduction to dependency injection

In the previous post we checked whether the template method pattern is an alternative to the dependency injection. There we saw the simplest dependency injection solution, without any framework. Just to recap, this is the fizzbuzz class: And this is how we … Continue reading

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Focusing on Swing

I’m working on software archaeology: I’m working with Swing on a day-to-day basis. Here I  explained why it’s complicated. Now we’re taking a look on how to customize the focus traversal. Officially If you want to override the default focus … Continue reading

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Learning Bootstrap

I recently learned jump started Bootstrap, a html + css framework for responsive web design. Well, to make sure I understand the framework, I first jump started css, html 5 basics, then responsive web design. Finally it became clear: you … Continue reading

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Synergy, You’re still awesome! :-)

Originally posted on What Folti thought…:
Recently I found a new e-mail in my mailbox from Synergy project. I quote it as I got (see copy-paste) it. Please consider this request. I did. <quote> You’re still awesome! 🙂 But we…

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Recursive regular expressions

Prelude I found a strange interesting regex in the pragmatic programming ruby book: The book explains that this beauty above checks whether a string has a balanced set of curly braces. This is another, similarly interesting regex borrowed from the Perl Monks, … Continue reading

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Learning Rails

I spent my evenings on learning Rails through this fine tutorial by Michael Hartl. (Miklós, thanks for recommending it.) I really enjoyed doing some web development again.  Gosh, it changed so much during the last five years! 1. What can you learn … Continue reading

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Old news: Swing is complicated

Swing and MVC – what are they supposed to do? I’ve been working with Swing for two years for now. I know, most of the java programmers learned it ten years ago or so. I also know, most of the java programmers would learn … Continue reading

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Applied science: debugging

I recently read this book: Debug It! – by Paul Butcher. This describes the “Scientific method of debugging”, and much more than that. One could criticize it like:  “All of theses advice are, you know, common sense.” I wish they were common … Continue reading

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