What can we learn from arrogant bosses

I believe, everybody encountered an arrogant boss through her career. An arrogant boss is somebody who… Well, someone who looks like an arrogant boss to me, he might be fine for you.

Nobody is perfect, not even the managers. There are some kind of personality flaws that I can hardly tolerate while it might be fine for others. Also, there are personality flaws that I tolerate well, while others can’t handle it that well.

The fun fact is that we can even learn from this kind of bad experiences. Continue reading

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Please, don’t give me a chance

You need a developer

So you’re a manager at Xyz Inc and you want to hire a developer. Along the process you’re interviewing me. During the interview you find out that I know only a little about the core technology you’re using. Moreover, you don’t like my personality.

Still, you think I’m competent. Oh, by the way, there’s a shortage of java developers. You’ve been searching for the right candidate for months but haven’t found a solid developer. What now? Continue reading

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The stupid developer

This story is about a stupid developer.

Once I had to write a complex SQL query so we can extract denormalized data from the database. This complex query had to deal with tree-like data structures and I’d never done anything like that before. So I asked Google and ended up with the CONNECT BY statement.

Another developer had to review my code. Let’s call him Robert. Hint: he wasn’t the stupid one. Continue reading

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The mad hatter antipattern

The hats

We all know this metaphor: we wear different hats at different parts of programming. The classical dichotomy is having one hat for writing code and another for refactoring. If you use TDD, then you have a third hat: the one for writing unit tests. In TDD you change these hats frequently, but still, you are switching only these three.

Is this all? Of course not. We need to read specification, talk to customers or PO-s, negotiate deadlines with project managers. One hat for each. Continue reading

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Poor man’s template engine

Sometimes the riches are really poor. They just won’t download JSUnit. They won’t use XSL, they won’t download any template engine either – they roll their own.

Sometimes they don’t even roll their own – they just keep replacing their XML-s manually.

I prefer not to.

Continue reading

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Metu Jump – for aspiring programmers

Programming is the art of compromises. Programming is the art of good decisions. Programming is the art of breaking down a task into smaller tasks.

They say that programming is craftsmanship. This sounds better, because you don’t need to be a genius to be a craftsman. All you need to do is to practice. Practice what? How? Continue reading

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But we do – breaking the coding guidelines

A colleague asked me to help him learn java and object-oriented programming. He has solid background in VisualBasic and SQL. This is cool because I don’t need to explain things like the while loop or recursion. We can focus on the syntax first, then double-check Clean Code and we’re done, aren’t we?

Object Oriented Programming

This might be a fast lane for aspiring java developers. However, I still cannot define what does good Object Oriented code look like. There were so many contradictions during my education and career. I’m not sure if I should spare him this journey. Continue reading

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Habits or constraints? A developers story.

There’s a story with the monkeys and the ladder and the shower. It’s easy to see how metaphoric it is. Continue reading

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The agile waterfall

Sounds like a BS post, doesn’t it? Agile processes are like XP, Scrum, Kanban, etc. Waterfall is not an agile process, period.

Well, actually… The agile manifesto values Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Then, let’s take a look beyond processes! Continue reading

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Why you should lie on a job interview?

This is an old advice: don’t lie on a job interview. The reasoning goes like this: don’t lie on a job interview because you’ll get caught and id impairs your relationship with your employer. They might even fire you.

This is a really good advice, as long as you’re seeking a job. If you’re an employer, then this doesn’t apply to you. You should lie instead. Here is why:

Continue reading

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