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How to debug with triggers?

In java we got AspectJ to intercept our methods. In SQL we got triggers. A great tool for debugging. Continue reading

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How to debug in production

Sometimes we cannot reproduce an issue. So we must log. Getting production log is an art. Continue reading

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What can we learn from arrogant bosses

I believe, everybody encountered an arrogant boss through her career. An arrogant boss is somebody who… Well, someone who looks like an arrogant boss to me, he might be fine for you. Nobody is perfect, not even the managers. There … Continue reading

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Applied science: debugging

I recently read this book: Debug It! – by Paul Butcher. This describes the “Scientific method of debugging”, and much more than that. One could criticize it like:  “All of theses advice are, you know, common sense.” I wish they were common … Continue reading

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