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But we do – breaking the coding guidelines

A colleague asked me to help him learn java and object-oriented programming. He has solid background in VisualBasic and SQL. This is cool because I don’t need to explain things like the while loop or recursion. We can focus on … Continue reading

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Testing a subclass-as-wrapper

The problem I’m working with an oldie-but-goodie framework. This framework has some interesting naming conventions. Say for instance, they call subclasses wrappers. We can use subclasses and wrappers for the same thing. However, one of them is more testable than the other. Let’s see the similarities first. … Continue reading

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Design Patterns: Still controversial

Controversial I recently read a classic book: the GoF Design Patterns. This is one of the most known yet one of the most controversial books in our industry. This is one of the buzzwords that pop up at job ads … Continue reading

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Templates and Strategies – functional approach in Java

The problem, in general Sometimes I come across large bodies of code which do almost the same. They have a few differences though: a complex conditional here, some logging there, invoking another void method there. Breaking things up into smaller … Continue reading

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