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The ultimate java Tuple

The idea came to me via this SO question. The is a question about generics. Probably it’s too much foreshadowing in a technical blog, but this post is about generics too. Tuples First thing first: what’s a tuple? It’s a mathematical buzzword … Continue reading

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Can anyone write clear specification?

I’m a skeptical engineer who thinks, specification / documentation is never ever obvious. I believe the unambiguous and comprehensive stuff is code, not documentation. When I say unambiguous, I mean the computer can interpret it in only one way, yet people can easily misunderstand it. We … Continue reading

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Testing a subclass-as-wrapper

The problem I’m working with an oldie-but-goodie framework. This framework has some interesting naming conventions. Say for instance, they call subclasses wrappers. We can use subclasses and wrappers for the same thing. However, one of them is more testable than the other. Let’s see the similarities first. … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from the IoC framework comparison.

In the previous posts I compared a few IoC frameworks. one for tapestry-di one for DI vs template method one for guice, spring and tapestry-di one for a slideshow It was an interesting journey to write the prototypes, then the posts … Continue reading

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Dependency Injection frameworks

If you want to deeply understand a concept, then you need to see several implementations. This is why I created the following slides. Based on the feedback, I’m kinda alone with this mindset. Anyway, I hope you find them useful.

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Template Method or Dependency Injection?

Mystical Dependency Injection used was always something very mystical to me. Until I learned what it’s really about. I’d like to share this revelation with you. So let’s take an easy problem and solve it in couple of different ways.

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Learning Tapestry, the component framework

The framework I recently started to use Apache Tapestry for work. Tapestry is a web component framework with ambitious goals. E.g. it’s a web component framework that’s easy to extend. Also, it gives you the ease of development of scripting languages … Continue reading

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How to give an interactive presentation

A presentation A month ago I gave a talk in the office. The talk was a JavaScript survival guide for java programmers. You can see the slide show below. I decided to give an interactive presentation: people could interrupt me with questions and … Continue reading

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Focusing on Swing

I’m working on software archaeology: I’m working with Swing on a day-to-day basis. Here I  explained why it’s complicated. Now we’re taking a look on how to customize the focus traversal. Officially If you want to override the default focus … Continue reading

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Old news: Swing is complicated

Swing and MVC – what are they supposed to do? I’ve been working with Swing for two years for now. I know, most of the java programmers learned it ten years ago or so. I also know, most of the java programmers would learn … Continue reading

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