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Explaining Recursive SQL queries

Recursive SQL queries are not that different from recursive functions. Continue reading

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Learning Tapestry, the component framework

The framework I recently started to use Apache Tapestry for work. Tapestry is a web component framework with ambitious goals. E.g. it’s a web component framework that’s easy to extend. Also, it gives you the ease of development of scripting languages … Continue reading

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How to give an interactive presentation

A presentation A month ago I gave a talk in the office. The talk was a JavaScript survival guide for java programmers. You can see the slide show below. I decided to give an interactive presentation: people could interrupt me with questions and … Continue reading

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Learning JavaScript – a malleable language

Learning that it’s extendable I recently read Crockfords classic: JavaScript, the Good Parts. Many thanks, Peter for recommending it! The books preface states that JavaScript is Lisp in C clothing. This C clothing is what makes people underestimate js: well, yet … Continue reading

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