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Learning Tapestry, the component framework

The framework I recently started to use Apache Tapestry for work. Tapestry is a web component framework with ambitious goals. E.g. it’s a web component framework that’s easy to extend. Also, it gives you the ease of development of scripting languages … Continue reading

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Recursive regular expressions

Prelude I found a strange interesting regex in the pragmatic programming ruby book: The book explains that this beauty above checks whether a string has a balanced set of curly braces. This is another, similarly interesting regex borrowed from the Perl Monks, … Continue reading

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Learning Rails

I spent my evenings on learning Rails through this fine tutorial by Michael Hartl. (Miklós, thanks for recommending it.) I really enjoyed doing some web development again.  Gosh, it changed so much during the last five years! 1. What can you learn … Continue reading

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