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Template Method or Dependency Injection?

Mystical Dependency Injection used was always something very mystical to me. Until I learned what it’s really about. I’d like to share this revelation with you. So let’s take an easy problem and solve it in couple of different ways. Advertisements

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JUnit recipes: a classic book on Object Testing

I recently read this book: JUnit recipes, by J.B. Rainsberger. This is a bit of an old-timer. Still, this is so far the most influential thing I read on unit testing. Earlier I read what the Pragmatic Programmers think about unit … Continue reading

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Poor man’s JsUnit

Poor man’s JsUnit In some sense the riches are really poor. Particularly, companies in the financial sector let their programmers access only their internal network. This might make their systems more secure. Another consequence is that developers cannot just download … Continue reading

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