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Defensively? Optmistically?

Do we really want a self-driving car to show us an error console when it cannot identify an object on the Motorway? Do you want to send out a financial report when most of its records are incorrect? Continue reading

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What do you want to depend on?

I must confess. Sometimes I can see fixes that make a chill go down on my spine. And it’s the wrong kind of chill. It’s the chill that tells me that something is wrong. Continue reading

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Lessons learned from the IoC framework comparison.

In the previous posts I compared a few IoC frameworks. one for tapestry-di one for DI vs template method one for guice, spring and tapestry-di one for a slideshow It was an interesting journey to write the prototypes, then the posts … Continue reading

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Dependency Injection frameworks

If you want to deeply understand a concept, then you need to see several implementations. This is why I created the following slides. Based on the feedback, I’m kinda alone with this mindset. Anyway, I hope you find them useful.

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Learning Tapestry, the Inversion of Control Framework

The framework I recently started to use Apache Tapestry for work. Tapestry is a web component framework with ambitious goals. E.g. it’s a web component framework that’s easy to extend. Also, it gives you the ease of development of scripting languages … Continue reading

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