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A Letter of Motivation

Dear Sir or Madame, A good letter of motivation catches the readers attention. It highlights that the sender can do the job and he is interested in doing so. Unfortunately, most letter of motivations are full off bullshit. People write … Continue reading

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Why you should lie on a job interview?

This is an old advice: don’t lie on a job interview. The reasoning goes like this: don’t lie on a job interview because you’ll get caught and id impairs your relationship with your employer. They might even fire you. This … Continue reading

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How to program by coincidence – five techniques to ruin your programming carrer

Does anybody program by coincidence? Do you want to?

Five foolproof methods to ruin your programming carrier. Continue reading

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Why not write clean code?

I think you already know what clean code is: this is the famous Uncle Bob book, which provides a very accurate definition of readable code. Ever since that book was published there have been a lot of talking about Clean … Continue reading

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