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Testing a subclass-as-wrapper

The problem I’m working with an oldie-but-goodie framework. This framework has some interesting naming conventions. Say for instance, they call subclasses wrappers. We can use subclasses and wrappers for the same thing. However, one of them is more testable than the other. Let’s see the similarities first. … Continue reading

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Legacy code in automated tests

Recently I was exploring Swing GUI testing tools. This was a particularly difficult task for me because I’m not only novice to Swing but as a developer I’m new to acceptance testing too. The second was a difficult problem: I … Continue reading

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Legacy coderetreat at Budapest

Yesterday I attended to the legacy coderetreat at Emarsys, organized by Athos and Devil. This is my fairly subjective summary. We’ve been working on the trivia codebase. First impression: This day was gonna be way too easy because the codebase … Continue reading

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